Monica Rai Silver

Founder + CEO

Monica has over a decade of experience building up tech start-ups in the network security sector. She developed and managed HR and employee programs, nourished cultures, and directed marketing initiatives and events. In the spring of 2013, Solera Networks was acquired and she took the opportunity to make the bold choice to work on HOYH full time. Before being immersed in the corporate world, Monica spent years coaching swim teams, becoming a certified EMT, an EFY counselor, and was a perpetual student by attending several colleges (four!) before receiving her B.A. in Literature from Brigham Young University. She is a writer, blogger, artist, musician, homebody and travel lover, voracious reader, and outdoors enthusiast. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband Nicholas and an alarming number of decorative pillows. Beyond her penchant for interior decorating, Monica has the gift of intuitive guidance in the art of the healing nature of Heartwork™. She is a visionary when it comes to empowering women, leads by example with an abiding reliance on vulnerability, and has been the courageous spark and driving force behind HOYH.


Jennifer Sturgis


While conducting research on abuse for a high school paper, Jennifer became compelled to get involved in its prevention and intervention. She holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from New Mexico Highlands University, and a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Utah. She spent many years in the behavioral health industry in various capacities and locations, from the county detention center, mental health hospital units, and Catholic Social Services. She worked with the Division of Family Services directing a domestic violence shelter, and assisted in child abuse investigations with DCFS. Eventually, being a foster parent and raising four children as a single mother led her to leave the social work field. In 2008 she entered the industry of investments, now at Morgan Stanley as a licensed Registered Sales Associate for a team of brokers servicing accounts and interpreting financial patterns and trends. When she has time, Jen can be found hiking or running the trails and roads all over her home state of Utah, and is a very vocal supporter (in a surprisingly loud New Jersey accent, no less) at the endless sports and other activities of her busy children. One gift Jennifer brings lies in her unassumingly powerful ability to intervene gently in the lives she’s been invited to, where she innately encourages self-healing in one of the most frightening forms of abuse there is: the abuse of the self.


Janette Barney


Janette has over 20 years of experience in the medical field, first working as an ophthalmic technician for 8 years, and then chose to go to nursing school where she found her passion for labor and delivery. She worked in L&D at the Women’s Center for 9 years, including Post Partum and eventually the NICU where she cared for infants and women in their most vulnerable moments. Janette then received her B.S. in Nursing Leadership and Management and transitioned as the Manager of the Women’s Center. She has four daughters and three young grandchildren whom she helped bring into this world, and she lives in Utah with her sweet husband – when they’re not traveling to exotic locations all over the globe. Her fearless championing and deep loyalty to HOYH raises us up, and her edgy sass keeps us laughing and focused on the task at hand. Janette also brings the incredible gift of being a witness and guide in the tenuous space between this world and the next, standing with honesty and gentleness as she supports the manifestation of healing and creation of all kinds on the vulnerable, frightening and exciting precipices of transformation.


Katrina Mendizabal

Music Therapy Dir.

Katrina boasts the unique life experience of being a whitewater river guide for many years on the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She has braved extreme elements as she ensured participants safety and provided the strength and expertise in navigating some dangerous river trails. Out of the water, Katrina has spent several years working towards her B.S. degree in Music Therapy from Utah State University (set to receive Board Certification spring of 2015). As President of the Student Music Therapy Association, Katrina executed the CAPSA funded production “Finding Voice” to bring awareness and voice to domestic abuse victims and their stories. Her training continued as she interned at Bethany Children’s Home in Reading, PA where she worked with co-ed adolescents dealing with domestic violence, substance abuse, juvenile offenses, eating disorders and other emotional/behavioral conditions. Katrina is HOYH’s Amazon Woman, forging the way with tenacity, brazen honesty, sincere vulnerability and a no-nonsense attitude that keeps everyone on their toes. One of her gifts is the raw emotion she digs deep to share, and it’s often her offering that can be felt by those most hurting. She is our resident beloved ginger and gets her groove on as the “fresh meat” on her Roller Derby team. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband Luis and curly black dog Max.


Brittany Johansen

VP of Connection + Partnership Development

Brittany comes to HOYH with a diverse background in mental health, leadership development and team building, as well as physical fitness and coaching. She passionately and skillfully managed a program at EMQ Families First dedicated to the behavioral modification, crisis intervention, and permanency planning for youth and families in the foster care system. She whole heartedly believes in the practice of strength based intervention, using the character and fortitude of the individuals she serves to aide in goal achievement. Before working in mental and behavioral health, Brittany played collegiate volleyball for Adelphi University where she earned degrees in Criminal Justice and Sociology and nerd status for her involvement in several campus organizations. Post college, while immersing herself in a career dedicated to others, she lost track of her own value and worth leading her to make the bravest decision of her life – choosing to heal herself through radical self love and acceptance. She serendipitously met Monica and invested fully in the friendship and future for HOYH, Inc. Brittany is a lover of music, chocolate, Kona Hawaii, and coffee. She’s madly in love with her handsomely bearded husband Matt and two Great Danes Lola and Kona. She brings to HOYH’s leadership team an emphasis on connection over competition, love over judgment, and the endorsement of vulnerability as the core of all physical, mental, and emotional strength (even though it is admittedly the toughest practice for her!). Brittany is the oxygen that fuels HOYH’s fire, pouring light, focus, and thoughtfulness over all who are blessed to know her. Her positivity and brilliant spirit encourage the team to connect and move forward together in a united, driven way. She serves the organization’s mission through a daily commitment and practice of her own Heartwork™, consistently empowering women to do the same.