Why Your Donations Matter...


Your donations matter because the healing and happiness of every woman matters. Today, women are beset with depression, anxiety, illness brought on by stress, trauma, frenetic activity, and deep physical, emotional and spiritual exhaustion. HOYH shines a dedicated and profound light on the cause and cure of the majority of such suffering: Ourselves.


Through means of writing, sharing, creating and leading at monthly meetings, intensive programs and annual retreats, the Heartwork™ of HOYH emboldens women with emotional tools and support to move away from unhealthy patterns of behavior and thought. Such engagement forges new paths in the mind and heart to enable change from within, even if the difficult situations around them do not.


It is HOYH's mission to dissuade perfectionism and encourage responsibility, to inspire the opportunity for every woman to know, believe, and accept her great worth and to take her place among the growing rank of awakened women. For in the greater vision, as Mahatma Gandhi believed, we must be, first, the changes we wish to see in the world.


Thank you for helping deserving women be those changes.


HOYH encourages extensive honesty, accountability, validation, and an intimate sisterhood where sharing our fears is prerequisite to healing them. It is hard work, and we believe, imperative – in order to find the peace, joy, and acceptance that a wholehearted life has to offer. Regardless of where you've come from, what you've done, or what's been done to you, HOYH assists each woman as she roots out her ingrained beliefs that serve to keep her contained in limiting packages such as victim, perfectionist, and codependent. Such identities often stem from painful and repressed feelings of shame, fear, and self-hatred – but when emerging wounds are met with gentle guidance and compassion, transformation and healing are not only possible, but inevitable.


When Given The Opportunity To Participate In HOYH, Women Cultivate:

• A pronounced ability to make life-improving choices as they replace limiting beliefs with nourishing self-care

• Sacred friendships bonded in truth, trust, and vulnerability

• A clarified connection to their true authentic self and spirit

• Increased levels of calm, peace, serenity and acceptance

• A powerfully charged regimen for their every-day life that supports and cradles the space they’ve made for honoring their innate worth and deservedness

• A more intimate, strengthened relationship with their Higher Power

• The knowledge that the changes they experience affect not just themselves, but their children, family, and friends: The ripples of radical self-love are endless and profound.


PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a receipt for your tax-deductable donation. We only accept non-purposed funds at this time, and any amount is greatly appreciated. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for a specific program or initiative, please contact us at monica@houseofyourheart.com