"Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our own being, we are enough." - Ram Dass


HOYH - 5 Day Retreat
The Ultimate Creme de la Creme Experience About Big Retreats...

Five days, four nights spent in gorgeous locations where the offering of rest, laughter, camaraderie, introspection and healing occur on very deep levels. We combine restorative activities and delicious food in beautiful settings to facilitate the ultimate magical experience.


HOYH - 3 Day Retreat
The Perfect Weekend Getaway About Mini Retreats...

Take a little break. You deserve it. For two days and three nights, let go of the idea that you must always be who you have always been. There is no statute of limitations on starting over - transformation begins and takes root in a single moment of connection. Mini Retreats are a great place to fuel the belief that you can reclaim yourself every single day.


HOYH - 1 Day Retreat
A Bite Sized Portion of Unicorn Magic About Day Retreats...

Think of it as a seasonal soul-cleanse. We all need a day now and again to reboot our systems; to sweep out the cobwebs and sludge that weighs us down. Time sensitive, local, yet totally revitalizing - Day Retreats are a boost of heart medicine to get you reconnected with yourself and community.

HOYH - Ivory Towers Coming Soon
Ivory Towers Coming Soon... About HOYH Workshops...

Hyper-focused, heart-centered seminars to bring about deeper intentional learning. Offering various trainings for connection around common challenges and opportunities to promote emotional growth and accountability. Collaborating with like-hearted organizations and companies, we'll explore inventive ways to apply Heartwork in our careers, home, family, and community. Geared to expand across a diverse population of women, workshops are designed to invoke the ultimate power of women supporting women.

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Mind. Heart. Body. Spirit.

The HOYH Way

Retreats are the immersive experience; full of varying therapeutic workshops and healing activities to incite different and new ways of learning. They are fully sensory; engaging taste, touch, feel, sight, hear, smell - and fully feeling; igniting the mind, heart, body and spirit. Becoming fully awake enables us to lean deeply into a more centered, present, and wholehearted version of ourselves.

Doing The Work

Through both gentle and audacious practice, we can retire old habits and thoughts that no longer serve us well. Including behaviors that have no place or purpose in the way we choose to live our lives. Offerings of rest, service, laughter, camaraderie, introspection, and healing occur on a very deep level and allow us to replace our limiting beliefs and behaviors with nourishing self-care. We combine meetings, music, movement, silence, Heartwork and community to establish a supportive practice to carry into our everyday lives.

Enabling Change From Within

Retreats are a place where women choose to come for life-changing, profound transformation - where we practice Heartwork out loud in the safety of our sacred community. Where showing up for ourselves, vulnerably and bravely, gives others the permission to do the same. Because we understand these practices can be scary in our everyday settings like work, home, and social environments, retreats are the dressing room for deserving women to try on, and ultimately find confidence in their evolving truths before unveiling them to the rest of the world.

The Heart Of It All

All retreats are set in private, intimate spaces and promote emotional safety; allowing women to fully step into their healing. We spend quality time both indoors feeding our minds + hearts and outdoors feeding our bodies + souls. We create holistically sacred gatherings for women to practice Heartwork, be celebrated, grow, and heal. Combined with delicious food, there's no better place to experience radical self-care than at a HOYH retreat.

History Of Retreats