About Us

Connection. Empowerment. Hope.

House Of Your Heart rests firmly in the truth that all women deserve to be celebrated, supported, and healed; not only by others, but by ourselves through the power and practice of radical self-love.

The HOYH Way

HOYH connects women in safe, empowering circles through meetings, retreats, and online communities. We empower women to improve their lives through structured coursework that elevates emotional accountability and self love. We foster hope through the use of creative and healing practices including music, art, yoga, and dance. We do all of this to celebrate the woman, every woman, who seeks to love herself and elevate the world around her. It is the mission of HOYH to embolden women with the emotional tools and support necessary to move away from unhealthy patterns of behavior and thought. #WomenSupportingWomen

The Revolution

We seek to dissuade perfectionism and encourage responsibility; to inspire the opportunity for every woman to know, believe, and accept her great worth and take her place among the growing rank of awakened women. In doing so, we continue to grow a sisterhood of empowered women who choose celebration over competition and love over judgment; elevating the world around us by owning our stories, leading with vulnerability and paving the way for future generations. When women hold safe space for each other, we innately know how to free ourselves from all that holds us back. #WomenFreeingWomen

The Practice

Is all about doing the work. It’s the road we walk to be the change. We believe everything you need already exists within you – Heartwork™ is about uncovering what’s already there. It’s allowing the melting away of old stories and wounds to make room for who you really are and what you want your life to be. It’s about owning your choices and behavior with compassion rather than shame. Because what we put into ourselves, we put into the world. And what we put into the world, the world will become. So being accountable to your heart – the inner life, is vital. You hold all the power to heal and effect change in your own life. #WomenHealingWomen

The Community

HOYH is a platform for women to unveil their inherent worth. Part of that platform is what our tribe calls Heartland™, the culture in which each woman is free to be her true self. It’s where we remind each other to hold ourselves with love, accept our innate worth and to express it thoughtfully in our homes, workplace, community, and confines of the heart. Heartland™ carries the spirit of celebration that the unification and elevation of women holds immeasurable volumes of untapped power. And within that union exists the freedom to embark upon our individual and collective journey of feeling, healing and transcendence. #WomenCelebratingWomen

Awareness is where we begin, every time.

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House Of Your Heart.