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Connection. Empowerment. Hope.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to cultivating a safe, empowering community of women supporting women.


Emotional coursework intended to promote deeper healing.


A community of women looking to become healthier, wholehearted versions of themselves.


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Growing the Rank of Awakened Women

We connect women in safe, supportive circles through monthly meetings, retreats, and online communities. We empower women to improve their own lives through structured coursework that elevates emotional accountability and self-love. We foster healing and hope through the use of creative therapies including music, art, yoga and dance.

Owning Our Stories Leads To Healing

In this world of women, we are beset with depression, anxiety, illness brought on by stress, trauma, frenetic activity, and deep physical, emotional and spiritual exhaustion. HOYH shines a dedicated and profound light on the cause and cure of the majority of such suffering: Ourselves.

We encourage extensive honesty, accountability, validation, and an intimate sisterhood where sharing our fears is prerequisite to healing them. It is hard work, and we believe, imperative – in order to find the peace, joy, and acceptance that a wholehearted life has to offer. Regardless of where we've come from, what we've done, or what's been done to us, HOYH assists each woman as she roots out her ingrained beliefs that serve to keep her contained in limiting packages such as victim, perfectionist, and codependent. Such identities often stem from painful and repressed feelings of shame, fear, and self-hatred – but when emerging wounds are met with gentle guidance and compassion, transformation and healing are not only possible, but inevitable.


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The women behind this Heartroots™ movement.


Monica Rai Silver

Founder + CEO

Jennifer Sturgis

Co-Founder + Co-CEO



Katrina Mendizabal

Music Therapy Dir

Brittany Johansen

VP Connection + Partnership Development


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