"She had not felt the weight until she felt the freedom." - Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

HOYH - Introduction to Heartwork Course
Introduction to Heartwork™ About this course...

This gentle guide through HOYH's pillars of connection, empowerment, and hope has the potential to kick start (or re-start!) your journey of self-discovery and growth. Whether you work through this simple course in one sitting or over the span of a few days, you'll walk away with a foundational practice of how to honor your true self.

HOYH - Tree of Your Heart Course
The Tree of Your Heart A Year Living in the Branches of Self-Love

This is HOYH's flagship course. Connection and content rich, this program centers on practicing the art of self-love on an actionable, soul-deep level. Deconstructing the overwhelming principle of self-love and focusing it into twelve specific 'branches' empowers us to incorporate it into our lives in a simple, maintainable way - thereby facilitating significant transformation.

HOYH - Morning Magic Course
Morning Magic About this course...

For 90 days, implement a little more you-time into the busyness of everyday life. By following our easy guide, you'll design and hone a personal, sustainable morning ritual that will support starting each day with small acts of self-care.

HOYH - Finding Stillness Course
Finding Stillness About this course...

This 90 day meditation course will help balance all your frantic to-do lists by re-centering and reconnecting to your innate worth and belonging. Supported by simple exercises and encouraging structure, our guided practice of finding and deepening stillness among the chaos can not only be found, but also mastered.